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Have a character from Star Wars you always thought fit you? Come claim it!
Welcome to iam_sw the community where you can claim a character from Star Wars! Join and submit your claim so you can be the _____ of LiveJournal.
1. One claim per person. Only Star Wars related claims, please.

2. Check the claims list before claiming.

3. When posting, title your post "You don’t even know who I am” and in the body put "I am the [first name, last name] (book/movie/etc. he/she/it is from) of LiveJournal."

4. If your journal becomes inactive (no posts in the space of three months) your claim may be taken by another user. If you do not remain a member of this community (you don't need to watch it, just stay a member) your claim can be taken by another user.

5. Only characters can be claimed please. No places, movies, etc. Other claims are for starwars_claim

6. If you want to change your claim for something else, make a post with the title “Claim change” and then in the body write what your claim was and what you’re changing it to.

7. If you want to drop a claim altogether, make a post with the title “Claim Drop” and then in the body write what claim you’re dropping.

8. Link us to your profile! Tell other people which character you are! The link could leave back to your post.

9. Failure to follow any of the above may cause you to get your post deleted/your claim taken away.

10. Have fun!
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